Office Ergonomics Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Is more than useful and practical training.”

    ~ vanessa, legal assitant from Panama
  • “One the best training ever attended (office ergonomics). Thanks to the team”

    ~ Anil Kumar, EHS MANAGER from KA
  • “The course is effective, practical, affordable, and easily understood and applied by most people in today's workforce or home environment. I highly recommend it for everyone, especially school curriculums for students.”

    ~ Nancy Lee, Social Work from California
  • “This was a great course. Covered more areas than I thought they would. Like exercise and nutrition. Very informative and will pass this on to my clients.”

    ~ Suzann, Postural Specialist from Minnesota
  • “Simple and to the point. Good pointers that one can use every day right away with noticeable results”

    ~ Alfredo, Human Resources from California
  • “Very user friendly! I recommend this software. ”

    ~ Angela, Senior lead from California
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “This simple but complete education on basic work-time ergonomics importantly completes the foundational knowledge of healthful lifestyle.”

    ~ Olga F., over 5 years ago
  • “Very good service very helpfully for a busy worker like me”

    ~ Anapogi, over 6 years ago
  • “This is a fine and well usable presentation. As a wellness instructor for staff at a university I have seen many examples of the MSDs among office personnel and was able to help them effectively by using what I learnt in the ProTrainings' Office Ergonomics previous certifications.”

    ~ Olga F., over 6 years ago
  • “Reduce cost”

    ~ Ramesh, almost 7 years ago
  • “Very good delivery of the course contents. Course covered the test questions adequately. ”

    ~ Larry, over 8 years ago
  • “Yes”

    ~ mpho, almost 9 years ago
  • “This training was very useful and very helpful for my comfort at work.”

    ~ Jessica, about 9 years ago
  • “Whether basic or refresher training, it has very useful facts and guidance to give.”

    ~ Olga F., over 9 years ago
  • “A must for those in office and labor jobs! Makes everything easier and safer.”

    ~ Desiree, over 9 years ago
  • “This course study was very, very informative and easy to understand. I passed with 100%”

    ~ Tammie, over 9 years ago
  • “N/A”

    ~ Tammy, over 9 years ago
  • “Enjoyed the trainer, very descriptive, clear speaking - enjoyed the time - wasn't too long - just perfect ”

    ~ Cathy, almost 10 years ago
  • “Good orientation in ergonomics.”

    ~ Olga F., about 10 years ago
  • “Quick and easy way to decipher ergonomic skills and knowledge.”

    ~ Kirsty, over 10 years ago
  • “this website is very helpful its my second time I am taking course at this website.”

    ~ Mohammed, almost 11 years ago
  • “A good thorough training on this topic. Video was modern using current tools in the office.”

    ~ Margaret, about 11 years ago
  • “Keep up the good work!”

    ~ shaniki L, about 11 years ago